Isra wal Miraj gathering 28th Feb 2022

Isra wal Miraj gathering on 28th Feb 2022. In Shaa’ Allah, starting at Maghreb. Family event. For the first time in Adelaide, Madani Channel scholar from UK, Allama Shabaz Attari Madani to give lecture on the night.


*How does Ramadan starts* The scholars of the four schools of Islamic madhhabs agreed that the basis for determining the beginning of Ramadan is as follows: The crescent is observed with the naked eye after the sunset of the 29th day of sha’ban. If the crescent is sighted , then the following day will be …

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Adelaide Mosque Open Day

Please join us for the Adelaide Mosque Open Day for the celebration of the historical relationship between Afghan Cameleers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the advancement of Australia. You MUST register for the event – please use this link AMISSA acknowledges and respects that Australia Day does not have the same …

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