Adelaide City Mosque

The oldest functioning Mosque of Australia built in 1886-88 by migrant cameleers, from Afghanistan, north west part of India (now Pakistan) and Balochistan (largest province of Pakistan) 


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Welcome To Adelaide City Mosque

Packed with History and a uniting place for all communities. Being a Muslim community organization we are providing various services to our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. We offer the opportunity to attend prayer 5 times and other facilities.


Our aim is to provide service to our local Muslim community alongside others in our neigborhood.


We are trying to help enrich our Muslim community by providing knowledge on Islam and encouraging praying together.

Follow The Path Of Islam

Become a part of our community and follow the honorable path of righteous. Learn about Islam and find peace and spirituality.

Teaching Al-Quran

We have dedicated teachers who will make sure you learn Al-Quran properly.

Community Services

We held monthly based community meetings to create a bond and maintain it.

The Pillers Of Islam

Be sure to hold these pillars of Islam very close to your heart. May Allah guide you on the right path. Take a closer look at these.











Donate to Support your Mosque

Your Contributions to Mosque are used to support mosque and wider community.

  • General Mosque Donations
  • Iftar Donations
  • Food & Events
  • Zakat
  • Fitrana
  • Sadqa
  • Mawlid Donations

Upcoming Events

May Allah enable you to live a good life and spread the message of Islam. Keep yourself updated with recent news and happenign at adelaide city mosque.

Adelaide Mosque Open Day

Please join us for the Adelaide Mosque Open Day for the celebration of the historical relationship between Afghan Cameleers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the advancement of Australia. You MUST register for the event – please use this link
AMISSA acknowledges and respects that Australia Day does not have the same meaning for all Australians, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, where the day marks a day of loss on so many levels, and see it as Invasion Day, Survival Day and Day of Mourning.
As migrants we want to reflect, respect and celebrate the connection between the First Nation communities and the Afghani cameleers (who built the Adelaide Mosque in 1886-88). We are grateful that the First Nations people for giving these cameleers hope, family and community.
Please watch as we are all part of the story –….

Summer Camp | Update

Please note below:
Summer Camp would now be *online* due to increased COVID transmission risks within the community.
*Online Islamic Summer Camp*
For Boys and Girls
Enrol your child in Islamic Summer Camp in this school holidays.
*Your child can learn*
Basic Islamic knowledge
Prayer rulings
Quran Recitation
Age : *6 to 14 Years*
Seperate classes for boys👦 and girls👧
Start from
*3rd Jan 2022 till 14th Jan 2022*
ONLINE Classes via Microsoft Team
Last date of registration
🗓️ *2nd Jan 2022*
*Be quick, limited seats are available*
For registration use the below link
Contact :
0420619226 | 0470 480 062
*Dawat-e-Islami Australia* 🇦🇺
*Adelaide City Mosque*