Adelaide City Mosque

The oldest functioning Mosque of Australia built in 1886-88 by migrant cameleers, from Afghanistan, north west part of India (now Pakistan) and Balochistan (largest province of Pakistan) 

IQAMAH (إِقَامَة) Time

Fajr (الفجر )

6:17 AM

Zuhr ( ٱلظُّهْر )

12:34 PM

Asr ( العصر )

4:01 PM

Magrib (اَلْمَغْرِب)

5:40 PM

Ish’a (العِشَاء)

7:07 PM

Juma (جمعة)

01:30 PM

Welcome To Adelaide City Mosque

Adelaide Mosque Islamic Society of SA Inc wish to thank the Department of Premier and Cabinet – Multicultural Affairs in supporting the development of our website. 

Packed with History and a uniting place for all communities. Being a Muslim community organization we are providing various services to our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. We offer the opportunity to attend prayer 5 times and other facilities.

Follow The Path Of Islam

Become a part of our community and follow the honorable path of righteous. Learn about Islam and find peace and spirituality.


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The Pillars Of Islam

Be sure to hold these pillars of Islam very close to your heart. May Allah guide you on the right path. Take a closer look at these.











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May Allah enable you to live a good life and spread the message of Islam. Keep yourself updated with recent news and happenign at adelaide city mosque.