8 thoughts on “New Zealand Mosque Terrorist Attacks/ Media Release

  1. Dearest brothers and sisters of a different faith but for whom I have always held peaceful and loving respect for as equals, I am a non-denominational Christian, and I felt it important to somehow reach out to you to say even though I am only one little voice, I stand with you all against any sort of discrimination, hatred and/or violence that is perpetrated against you! I am beyond horrified and disgusted and ashamed that any of our fellow human beings could ever, ever hurt another human no matter their different path or beliefs or culture – anything! Difference makes our world beautiful, culturally and intellectually rich, and vibrant in the amazing ways of loving each other and should not ever be an issue let alone cause such hatred….I am beyond any words that I can possibly find, so very, very sorry for the suffering your families in faith have endured and suffered in NZ….as well as any discrimination and hurt you feel in Australia. I do not understand the mindset of these criminals who are so twisted by hatred….but I do understand love and light and peacefulness and kindness, and it is with this love and prayers of solidarity and respect that I send you my support and comfort during this time, I hope you do not feel alone, because while not everyone speaks, there are I am sure so many who stand with you….but even if there are not, I do and will, always. Thank you for emphasising the need to not respond with hatred and remain peaceful – we can take the power of evil out of their hands and do away with it if we do not respond as they want us to….so I pray for all Muslims, for you to feel the support and love of your countrymen, and I pray that the perpetrators of this unspeakable atrocity see what they have done and realise the horror and are no longer full of the putrid hatred that should never have been.
    I wish there were words I could write to explain to you the deepest sorrow I feel for this horror….I wish I could show you my heart full of love and respect for you despite our different faiths so you knew a little comfort from this. Please, please don’t feel alone even though this is hard, I am sure, because I’ll stand with you just as I am sure many others will too.
    God bless, take care, be strong in each other’s arms and your Faith in God.

  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters, please accept my condolences for what has happened in Christchurch. You are valued members of the Adelaide community and of God’s family.

  3. My wife and I offer our condolences to all people that are affected by the horror that has occured in Christchurch, not only families and individuals of the Muslam community in Christchurch but also every person around the globe that has been exposed tothe scenes of suffering brought about by the disillusioned inhuman action of the perpetraters. So much suffering caused by a few. We ask all those affected to turn their thoughts of suffering into thoughts and actions of love and compassion for all concerned.

    1. Yuliyanti many thanks for your support it is very much appreciated and apologies for the delay in response we tend to be more proactive on your Facebook page.

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