Hadith Jibril

From the route of ‘Umar Radiyallahu ‘Anhu who said: While we were sitting one day with the Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him, a man appeared in our session with very white clothes and very black hair. He did not have any signs of traveling on him, and no one of us knew him. He sat down before the Prophet, peace be upon him, and placed his knees against the Prophet’s and placed his palms on his thighs. He said: O Muhammad inform me about Islam. The Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him said: <<Islam is to testify that no one is God except Allah  and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah , to perform the prayers, to pay Zakat, to fast Ramadan and to offer Pilgrimage if able.>> He said: you are truthful. We were surprised at the fact that he asked him and corroborated his truthfulness! He said: Inform me about the Belief. The Prophet said: <<To believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, The Day of Judgment, and Destiny—what is good and what is evil. He said: You are truthful.>> He said: Inform me about Ihsan (proficiency of worship.) <<The Prophet said: To worship Allah as if you see Him and if you do not, then know that He Sees you.>> He said: Inform me about the time of occurrence of the Day of Judgment. The Prophet said: <<The one whom you asked does not know any more about it than the one asking.>> He said: Inform me about its signs. The Prophet said: <<To witness the slave woman give birth to her female owner, and the bare foot, unclothed, impoverished shepherds build high rise buildings.>> Then the man left. I stayed for a lengthy period of time then the Prophet said: <<O Umar do you know the one who was asking?>> I said Allah and His Messenger know best. The Prophet said: <<He was Jibril; he came to teach you the matters of your Religion.>> Narrated by Muslim.